Nov 8, 2008

Bollywood Actor JOHN ABRAHAM Style

Special: John, Craig in trunks | Obama in suits

A shot of Craig's Bond flick Casino Royale and John in his new film Dostana.

So, is John copying Craig? With a six-pack like that, who cares? We have our eye candy!

John versus Daniel: Raakesh Agarvwal, Delhi-based designer and a avid movie buff says, "There's a gay angle in the story, and he (producer Karan Johar) is just trying to show that off with John. And no, I don't think John is being made to copy Daniel Craig, and even if he is, big deal. The whole world is talking about it, so it works anyways, right?"

Style tip: If you plan to don some swimming trunks, here's what you need to know. There are broadly two types: jammers and speeders. Jammers are loose bermuda-style shorts while speeders are more like briefs, the kind professional swimmers wear.

If looks could kill!

According to Men's Vogue here's what Daniel had to say: I want(ed) to get chunky for this (film). I want(ed) this guy to look like the uniform's just come off -- like he's literally just stepped out of a war zone.

Apparently, Daniel wanted to look like he "could kill people just by looking at them" (boy, it works!).

According to Buzz18.com (as told to CNN-IBN's entertainment editor Rajeev Masand), here's what John Abraham had to say: I am very comfortable with my body from the first film. There are certain films you don't want to show too much skin all the time because the film doesn't demand that but in a film like Dostana where you are on the beach in Miami getting out of the water, I had to just wear my trunks. So, where everyone's clothes used to come in hangers, mine used to come in one hanger with four different trunks.

Still from Casino Royale and Dostana

Raakesh tips us off. "If you want to sport really tight swimming trunks at the beach, obviously, you cannot have bulges here and there. It would just be plain UGLY to see a stomach hanging out or the thighs "thundering" around!"

"However, I also feel you don't need to have too much muscle as well. A fit body would look cool. Guys, make sure those legs are toned because this season, the 6-inch trunks are in."

Trend for the season: Bright colours such as green, orange, yellow, even black, brown. White is good, too. Prints are in. Stripes, plaids, checks fly, too. Move away from the original baggy styles to more fitted cuts and designs.

And here's what the fashion editors at GQ magazine have to say: "When you are on the beach with her, wear less this summer -- not those droopy, oversize surf shorts."