May 11, 2013

Sexism is endemic in cycling. Keep calm ladies and ride on

Female cyclists at a Cycletta event with Victoria Pendleton
This Sunday, hundreds of women will descend upon picturesque Cheshire for Cycletta, a series of women-only mass participation cycling events fronted by Olympian Victoria Pendleton. Cathy Bussey, a keen cyclist, shares some of women's worst tales from the saddle.

Cycling is by far the most energetic activity you can undertake. Other activities may produce more force, as does weight lifting, or more muscle power over a short period, as does track sprinting or most swimming events, but there is nothing that approaches the long-term, high-power demands of cycling. In these events, the cyclist is working as hard as possible in the most efficient way for many hours at a stretch --

Of all the sports and activities out there, cycling is a great way to get active again, whether you are overweight or not. It is low impact, you can start small and you can get exercise while just going places. Gagnon’s first ride was only 1 mile. Now he rides five to six times a week, for much longer distances and is training for cyclocross races.