Apr 5, 2008

Hollywood Actress Steal Meg Ryan`s Beauty Tips

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Actress Meg Ryan is no stranger when it comes to the big screen or fans loving her hair! She is one of the m ost sought after celebrities when it comes to her trend-setting hairstyles. By far her most famous hairstyle however, comes from her hit movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” It’s a great look that can easily be adapted to almost any face shape. Here’s how:

The Color

A golden or caramel blonde is needed to achieve Meg Ryan’s hair color. Highlights are also added to give the hair dimension. To really add to this look, have your hairstylist add two to three shades of highlights instead of just one. If you’re a natural brunette or darker, this color may not be as easy to achieve and will need high maintenance to keep the color.

The Cut

For Meg Ryan’s haircut, have your hairstylist cut your hair into shaggy layers. The layers should be cut randomly and unevenly to make the hair look full. Your hairstylist should also make sure that the nape area is cut into a blunt line, but also allow for some length at the ends. The bangs should be kept very long so that they can be brushed off to the side of the face like Meg Ryan’s bangs.

The Style

* In order to achieve the hairstyle Meg Ryan wore in “You’ve Got Mail”, the above color and cut are a must. Once you have the color and cut, the hairstyle is easy to re-create.

* Begin by applying a mousse or styling gel to freshly towel-dried hair.

* Using a blow dryer and a large round brush, smooth hair straight and flip ends in an upward direction.

* To finish this look, apply a smoothing balm to the ends.

For a piecey version of Meg Ryan’s hairstyle:

* Apply a styling gel or mousse to towel-dried hair.

* Blow dry hair straight and use a medium round brush to add volume to the crown of the head.

* Rub a styling wax into the palms of your hands and then pull the wax through individual strands for a piecey look.

* To finish this look from Meg Ryan, apply a shine spray to give the hair a beautiful shine.

The above is just one of many hairstyles actress Meg Ryan is famous for. If you’re not sure her short shag cut is for you, you can opt for one of her longer hairstyles or you can create your own. If you love her hairstyle, but can’t stand the thought of going blonde, there is no reason why you can’t just wear the hairstyle only. Or if you love her color, then there’s not reason why you can’t just go for her color only. Be your own Meg Ryan! Enjoy!

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