Aug 26, 2008

How to care for your hair this summer

tells you how to care for your hair this summer

1. It is important to use a mild shampoo specific to various hair types to cleanse and preserve your hair’s luster. A clarifier should also be used to wash away dirt and other chemicals from the scalp and the hair.

2. Hair should be washed with lukewarm water because warm water strips away natural oils from the scalp. However over washing should also be avoided to prevent complete rinsing away of protective oils.

3. A conditioner enriched with sunscreen should be used. This forms a protective layer ensuring a shine that stays longer. A pinch of sunscreen may also be applied on the hair and scalp to be washed away later for that extra protection.

4. Warm winds are natural blow dryers and therefore blow dryers and steaming irons should be kept away in summer. Excessive drying can damage the hair and give it a limp look.

5. Hair coloring and highlighting causes dryness that makes the hair appear dull and coarse to touch. Hence, control experimenting with your hair in summer months.

6. Even though summer calls for swimming and lounging in cool waters, one must not overlook the harmful effects of chlorinated water on hair. The best way to lessen the damage is to rinse the hair before and after swimming. The hair wash prior to swimming enables the hair follicle to soak up fresh water that minimizes the intake of chlorine or salt water. The hair wash after swimming rinses away the chemicals that might linger in the hair.

7. A hat gives ideal protection from the burning effects of the