Sep 16, 2008

How to Look Lovely

Absolutely ANYONE can look beautiful, no matter what your features. Here's a simple guide on how you can look lovely.


1. Experiment with different hairstyles and clothing styles. How else will you find out what looks good on you? Don't worry about having a few fashion disasters, because what you will be left with a style that suits you, and also your personality.

2. Exercise every day to make sure your body is in tip-top shape. It doesn't matter if you have a flat chest, or short legs. As long as you keep your body fit and at a healthy weight, you'll look great.

3. Moisturizing isn't just important for your face. Put lotion all over your body to keep it silky smooth. You may also want to try exfoliating, too, otherwise you will just be moisturizing dead skin. Your hands, elbows and knees are especially important to moisturize, as they are prone to dryness.

4. Wash your face every day, preferably twice. Always use cleanser and moisturizer, and perhaps toner. Ask your dermatologist what will be best for your skin. For instance, if you are prone to spots, you may want to try using clearasil. It is also a good idea to exfoliate your face, and use face-masks, but not too much, as this will strip your face of essential oils.

5. Keep your eyebrows trim by plucking them often. If you do so every day, you will only have a few hairs to pluck each time, meaning you won't have to go through much pain. If you aren't sure what shape you should be plucking them into, go to a salon and get a professional wax. After this, it will be easier to keep them neat and tidy. Use some vaseline to slick them down, and if need be, use some eyebrow pencil to darken them.

6. When applying your makeup it is always very important to have good lighting. You may look nice in a dimly lit room, but when you go out in the sun light discover you have made many errors in your makeup application. If you can, buy a lighted makeup mirror and use this. Now for the application of the makeup...

* Apply a foundatation, preferably liquid and matching your skin tone. Then, for the perfect skin, apply a dusting of powder. This will also seal the foundation in place. Finally, top it off with a bit of rouge to define your cheekbones.

* When it comes to eyeshadow, where which ever colour you have discovered suits you (see step 1.) You will also know how you like to wear your eyeliner, if any. However, I do recommend you always wear mascarra, even if it simply clear. Beforehand, use eyelash curlers.

* Using lipliner gives your lips a much more polished look. NEVER wear lipliner a darker or lighter shade than your lipstick. Apply the liner to all of your lips, not just the outside, and then apply the lipstick over.

7. Always wear the same perfume, as this way people will recognize it as your scent. Apply to your wrists, neck, hands, forearms, temples, and the backs of your knees. Do not wear too much, though, as this will overpower people.

8. To keep your nails nice and strong, cut and file them often. Match your nail varnish with your clothing, and stay away from the black polish. If you want a dark colour, go for a deep purple, or crimson.


* If you apply foundation to your eyelids and lips, your eye makeup and lipstick will last for longer.

* Buy an eyelash comb, so you can brush through your lashes and get rid of any clumps.


* Using the wrong kind of foundation could permenantly damage your skin and clog up your pores, causing spots.

* If you apply perfume to your clothes, not only will it not last very long, but it will damage the clothing, too.