Nov 21, 2008

Maintain Your Weight

Health+Diet TIPS

* "It is very important to follow a sensible food plan that suits your body constitution. Some people might be allergic to milk and milk products, others might take well to non-veg food. So you have to eat according to what your body needs.

* Exercise regularly, ideally in the morning. Go to sleep latest by 10 and wake up by at least seven the next morning."

* "To achieve anything, you must have a positive and strong state of mind. Work towards that first. Then comes time management. Eat your meals at the right time. Don't eat breakfast at 12 in the afternoon. Eat smaller, frequent meals in an adequate portion size.

* Have well-balanced meals that consist of carbs, proteins and multi-nutrients. Exercise at least 4-5 days a week. Keep yourself active… walk, swim, do yoga."

* "The body reacts in two ways… If you eat a lot, you put on weight and if you eat too less then again, you put on weight.

* To avoid this, eat smaller, more frequent meals probably every three to four hours. Don't fill yourself to the brim. Eat healthy and be physically active."

* Along with the food plan, you need to exercise regularly. It could be just a 40 minute walk in the evening."

* "The first and most important thing to do is to get into an absolute detox and cleansing program. Regulate your lifestyle… correct your eating, drinking, sleeping and exercise habits.