Nov 19, 2008

No Time For Gym? Lose Weight Anyway

Keen to lose weight, but no time to hit Weight loss the gym?

"It often happens that we end up missing on time to indulge in calorie-burning in an anticipation of triggering off a full-on fitness regime," says fitness exert Kiran Swahney.

So, why not dig out occasions some where in the course of the day and cash in some real time to burn the fat. We recommend you 20 physical and foodie alterations for weight loss... embrace them and staying fit won't be a long cherished dream any more!

"On foot is a stylish way to exercise as its easy, versatile, kind to your joints and doesn't require conjuring too much of paraphernalia. So involve walking as much as you can in your routine." says L.Balasubramaniam, Technogym Olympic Master Trainer.

1. Get up and walk around your office or home: This should happen at least every two hours for 5 minutes. This brisk five-minute walk every two hours will give you an extra 20-minute walk by the end of the day without making any special efforts.

2. Wash something thoroughly once a week: Be it the floor, a couple of windows, the shower stall, bathroom tiles or your car...anything that makes you don your cleaning gloves and exert some pressure on your hands and elbows burns nearly four calories for every minute spent on cleaning. A washing session of 30 minutes and you've worked off nearly 120 calories.

3. Drop a movie for an active date: Yes, it's a weekend and you're planning to spend time with your love. Why not head to the local park rather than sit idle in a movie hall? This will not only give you a chance of walking hand in hand, but will also avoid the calories that a large bucket of butter popcorns holds in. What's more? Explore other active dating ideas like cycling together; enjoying a tennis match or a swimming championship...even losing to your love will be fun here!

4. Take a walk before dinner: Yes, you are reading it right! Walking post dinner helps in digestion and burning calories, walking before gorging on your favourite dinner cuts down on your appetite. "Twenty minutes of walking reduces appetite and increases sensations of fullness as effectively as a light meal," informs Balasubramaniam.

5. Make the most of your TV time: This one is for the cricket crazy men and soap obsessed women who spend hours being a couch potato. Now make the most out of the commercial breaks to burn some calories and tone-up your body with the following set of exercises:
As the break starts, do 25 jumping jacks.
Then jog on the spot for the count of 30.
Do 25 abdominal crunches.
Lastly, get on the floor and place your feet up on your coffee table and do 25 hip lifts. By the time the break ends, you would have burnt a major chunk of calories.

6. Kiss your partner passionately: Lock your lips in passion at least 10 times a day. Not only it will keep your love life buzzing, but every minute spent kissing will burn 6.4 calories. Ten minutes a day of kissing can burn approximately 23,000 calories in a year...that's the power of love!

More lifestyle and food variations to help you shed the flab.