Dec 19, 2008

How to Get Smooth Legs

When you get that perfect new mini skirt or little black dress, the whole outfit is ruined by hairy legs. Do you want to shave your legs and get them as smooth and silky as possible? Follow these tips for super smooth, sexy, sleek legs that will have the opposite gender gawking at you.


1. Make sure the shower (or bath) is warm to open pores, which will give you a closer shave.

2. Use shaving gel to get a closer and smoother shave. Squirt a nice, plump dallop into your hand and lather up on your legs as if it were shampoo. It should create a nice thick cream, like a second skin.

3. Use a loofa and run water over it to get a closer shave by removing the dead skin cells. Once you have massaged in the exfoliation cream, use the loofa to wipe off any remaining residue.

4. Use a good razor to shave your legs, making sure you do it carefully so that you don't cut yourself. Shave up your legs, not down your legs.

5. Rinse your legs with cold water to close the pores, pat them dry with a warm towel.

6. Put on some moisturizer and massage it in well.


* Be careful around ankles and knees. These areas are uneven and difficult to shave. You may want to use cream for these areas.
* If you don't have a shaving foam, use conditioner. It works just as well!
* Take your time, don't rush, or you could end up making a very bad job of it.
* If you do nick yourself while shaving, try dabbing on some antiseptic cream or lotion to help heal the cut faster.
* There are other methods of hair removal: waxing (it hurts a lot at first, but you will get used to it), using hair removal creams (there is a myth that all hair removal creams smell, but there are nice smelling creams out there!), and bleaching the hair on your legs. For first timers, try shaving, but since there are down-sides to shaving such as re-growth and stubbles, you may want to consider getting them waxed. Gather up your courage and get an appointment today - you won't regret it! You'll have silky smooth legs that last for four months! No more messing around with razors in the shower!
* Try not shaving your legs for 2 weeks; it will be smoother when you shave.
* Make sure your exfoliation lotion has solid beads in it, bursting beads and moisture beads won't really work.
* If you're not that good with shaving your knees and you nick yourself a lot, try using something like nair so it will be smooth and nick-free and will not have as bad stubble!
* If you have pretty dry legs you NEED to moisturize otherwise when the hair starts to grow back it will feel rough and unpleasant.


* A sharp, newer razor works best. Don't use a blunt or rusty razor. Dull razors require more pressure, which causes a more likely chance of cutting.
* Don't shave when your legs are dry! It is extremely bad for your skin and will create more scrapes if you don't use soap or shaving cream.
* Be careful using hair-removal creams. Half of the ingredients of Nair and other hair removal products are there to repair the skin damage that the hair removal agent caused in the first place.