Jan 1, 2009

Smooth skin with coffee & chocolates?

Remember the last time your girlfriend was angry and you had to give her a box of chocolates to cool her down?

Well, the next time she shops for the chocolates herself or even asks you to get her some, it may not be to pamper her taste buds but her skin! Indeed chocolates and coffee are both on their way to becoming the most preferred skin care solutions for women in general and brides in particular.

An extension of the ever-changing list of beauty tips that are available to women from beauty experts, the cafe orly treatment or the chocolate wrap treatment are all set to make their debut in Kolkata.

“The thing about chocolate is that it has a feel-good factor, the reason why people eat chocolates whenever they feel down,” said a Delhi-based beautician who is introducing chocolate facials and body massage for the first time in the city. Apparently, while on the one hand the smell of chocolates is an aphrodisiac and just right for the bride on the day of her marriage, chocolate is also rich in anti-oxidants that keeps the skin fresh.

While chocolate takes the cake, coffee can also act as an excellent scrub. The coffee scrub not only helps to tighten the body, but also lightens the skin with the cocoa in it checking pigmentation.

It seems it’s time coffee and chocolate travelled from just the taste buds to every cell of the body.