Jan 4, 2009

Your guide to make-up in 2009

Say goodbye to thick heavy brows and harsh liquid liner.

Eye make-up will be about defining the soft smokey eyes in pastel colours that compliment the skin tone. Eyebrows for spring are softer and more natural. The skin will look like it has barely been touched, thus emphasising the smokey eyes. For blush, soft peaches, roses and pastel plums will be in vouge. Texture will be sheer and lightweight, to ensure that the glow is coming from within.

Christian Dior re-invented the famous ‘couture faces’ with extremely pronounced eyes and metallic hues on lips. In 2009, the look takes on a modern accent. The whole make-up is glowy, natural fresh, with smokey eyes, but not as dark as the previous season. In spring, soft smokey eyes with matte foundation will dominate. The lip colours will be pale. For autumn, the eyes will still remain smokey but in deeper tones, cheeks will be sculpted with bronze effect.

Hair This!

Short: In 2009, women’s hair trends will play to extremes. They might be extremely short, girly, sexual or slick. It will be a bob haircut which will sit somewhere to the left of the extremes like the cropped bob supported by Agness Deyn’s or the pixie crop supported by Kate Holmes.
Long: Add oomph by adding volume. Try the mermaid look or 1940’s waves with side parting, it’ll be hot.

Colour Me Red!

Blonde: Natural finish by weaving different shades of blonde will be in vogue.The new blonde will be paired with lowlights. Tone on tone colouring will add sophistication to any shading.
Red: This will be very popular, especially in warm tones that flicker depth and dimension. But also shades of red, copper brown and auburn will be among the most-wanted shades. So, be bold and make some trendy style statements with your look in the New Year!