Mar 14, 2009

Apply Light Lipstick and Foundation

Colour your skin right

Twenty three year-old Sareena Lalwani had never used make-up. One Saturday night, she decided to appease her friends and apply light lipstick and foundation. Rather than cheers and smiles, she was greeted with squeals of laughter. The lipstick shade was a ghastly red which was completely wrong for her dusky complexion while her foundation was two shades lighter. She looked like a heroine straight out of a horror film.

Like Sareena, if you are completely clueless about make-up, you don't have to get scared. Here are some tips to use the right products in the right way and look your ravishing best.

Fundamentals of foundation

Foundation smoothens up your skin and covers up most imperfections. Buying a foundation is pretty tricky, so it's best to tag along a friend for her opinion; try out a lot of brands before making your pick.

Apply a little on your wrist. The right shade will just disappear on your skin.

For fair skin

Got the Kareena Kapoor glow? Then when it comes to cheeks, think pink like her! Try sheer and soft pastels in different shades of pink on your cheeks and lips.

When it comes to colouring your eyes, pink is safe, but blue and lavender look great too. Though some may want to go bolder and try shades of green as well. Hey, if you can carry it off why not?

Wheatish complexion

If you are blessed with wheatish complexion like Eva Longoria and Rani Mukerji, then apricots and corals are the right choice for your cheeks. Try mauves and pinks on your eyes and opt for medium pinks and nude lipsticks.

For dusky tone

You may have heard them say, when dusky go natural. But that is so not true.

Take a good look at Halle Berry and Bipasha Basu! Take a page out of their books and try shades of red, burnt orange, maroon or other dark shades of pink for your cheeks. Kiss your lips with shades of berries or experiment with all shades of brown.

But whatever your complexion, always try the make-up before buying, the delectable pink gloss may not suit your skin, and that mauve lipstick you've been putting off may be your perfect match. The mantra is - try and buy!