Jun 26, 2009

Healthy, Shiny Hair Tips

A healthy, shiny hair is every woman’s dream.

* Apply the mixture of an egg white, 2 spoons of castor oil, 1 spoon glycerin, in the scalp and hair. Wash it after some time.

* Add a lemon peel to a 'shikakai' and 'amla' mixture while washing your hair.

* Shining hairBring instant shine to your hair by lightly beating two eggs in milk and massaging them in your hair thoroughly. Rinse after five minutes.

* A little vodka in your shampoo, if used occasionally, can make your thick hair shine instantly.

* Home made shampoos for that shiny effect. In a bowl, mash avocado, one tablespoon of olive oil, and a tsp of baking powder. Mix well and apply it on your hair and rinse it after 15 minutes.

* Your hair dry after you've washed it and don't leave the towel on your head for too long - hair can tangle easily.