Dec 19, 2009

Avoid putting on weight this festive season

London: A weight-loss expert has doled out advice on how one can avoid putting on the pounds during the festive season.
Caroline Deakin, a weight-loss expert for cosmetic surgery provider, SurgiCare, has offered simple tips for the weight conscious people, reports the Daily Express .

Firstly, a portion of roast turkey with skin on has 5.8g fat. Removing the skin will cut down the fat by 50 percent.

Saying no to a slice of streaky bacon will save one from 84 calories and 6.7g fat, and opting for baked potatoes, which contains about 0.4 grams fat, is better than eating an average portion of potatoes roasted in oil, which contains 9g fat.

Bread sauce should be made with skimmed or semi-skimmed and not whole milk, and it is better to make your own stuffing, as the shop-bought stuffing is often high in salt and varieties made with sausage meat can be high in saturated fat.

To avoid a lot of calorie, a gravy skimmer should be used, and large servings of Brussels sprouts and carrots, which are low in fat and high in antioxidants, will fill one up and ensure the calorie content remains low.

Opt for low-fat or low-sugar custard made with semi-skimmed milk or low-fat creme fraiche instead of brandy butter as an accompaniment to Christmas pudding.

Eat before going to a party to ensure you don’t gorge on fat-laden canapes, nuts and nibbles. Choose crudites and a low-fat dip, chicken skewers and prawns with a chilli dip as healthy alternatives.

Choose diet mixers to drink with alcohol or add diet lemonade or soda water to wine for a refreshing spritzer.