Jan 20, 2010

Remove Your Hair Natuarally

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair Naturally

You don't have to expose your body to repeated shavings or harsh chemical solutions to remove hair from your body. While unwanted hair on the body is a common problem for women and men, you can get rid of hair naturally and even reduce the frequency at which it grows. Keep in mind that as with nearly every procedure, there is no guarantee that hair will be eliminated permanently.

1. Mix equal parts gram flour and yogurt in a small bowl. The amount you'll need depends on how large the area is that you'd like to remove hair from; you might need as little as 1/4 cup or more than 1 cup of each.

2. Add two or three drops of olive oil. Incorporate it into the flour-yogurt mixture ingredients until it is well-mixed.

3. Apply the concoction to your skin on your body where your unwanted hair is growing. Administer a thick application that leaves all hair well-covered.

4. Wait for the mixture to dry completely on your skin. When it is dry, rub it off using your fingertips. As the mixture flakes off, it will take your unwanted hair with it, from the roots.

5. Repeat this procedure once a week for several months in order to notice a significant reduction in hair growth