Mar 4, 2010

An Amazing Weight-loss Programme

From flab to fab...in 21days!

An amazing weight-loss programme, conducted in a High Altitude Chamber, is producing encouraging results...

The gauntlet has been thrown. Anybody can now lose upto 10 kilos using a revolutionary new weight-loss programme in a special High Altitude Chamber over just 21 days. The programme’s called Qi Train 21, named after Qi Lifecare — the trendy and happening gym and wellness centre at Eros Cinema building, Churchgate. Obese people who have given up on all conventional weight-loss methods, others wanting to lose inches, are advised to get on the programme.

Qi Train 21 works on hypoxia, a condition caused at high altitude where the oxygen is so sparse, that even little exercise leads to increased cardiovascular fitness and accelerated fat loss. Medical science recognises that mild and non-damaging intermittent hypoxia, such as this program, is used intentionally to develop athletic performance. Marathon runners, cyclists and boxers have all pushed their bodies at high altituides to successfully train for competitions. Happily for you, there’s no need to go climbing mountains to lose weight, the High Altitude Chamber at Qi Lifecare (in association with John Gloster, the Australian cricket physio for Team India) is ideal for this.

Though situated on the first floor, it simulates altitudes of upto 15,000 feet or 5,000 metres above sea level. You cannot exercise here at the same intensity as you would in a regular gym. The heart and lungs are encouraged to pump harder. The hypoxic air enhances the efficiency of the body’s respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen utilisation systems, apart from stimulating the fat-burning process. And in 30 minutes, you would burn double the number of calories than a conventional workout.

The Qi Train 21 program comprises 21 half-hour sessions over five weeks. The training is exciting and not very strenuous. It is supervised by American College of Sports Medicine-certified trainers and includes the internationally-renowned Vibrogym that conserves and builds muscle mass even as it promotes fat reduction. Every workout is based on individual heart rate parameters and created only after an extensive pre-program physical evaluation.

Businessman Hiten Merchant, who lost four inches and 10 kilos with the 21-day program, said in satisfaction, “I’m more fit and energetic in spite of the huge weight loss. The program pushes you just enough to ensure that you look forward to your next session. I used to hate exercising and loved junk food. But Qi Train 21 has taught me to eat right and exercise.” The program’s manager and head nutritionist Kainaz Doctor, who prescribes diets to clients and monitors their weight loss, added, “The program simply works wonders, it jumpstarts weight loss and initiates a positive lifestyle change.”

Another success story of the path-breaking, weight-loss program is designer Farzana Todywala, who lost an nine kilos and went from fat to fit in 21 days. Sharing her amazing experience, Farzana said, “...70, 72, 74 kg, that used to be my weight, caused by junk food and no exercise. I was not sure I would be able to complete this program and that too with a ‘meal plan’ that had to be followed. The first week was difficult. But then I started seeing results. My stamina has increased and so has my confidence. My eating habits are disciplined. If it worked for me, it will work for anybody.” Zubin Gheesta, the health fitness specialist who worked on Farzana, said, “The workouts are fun, they motivate clients, but you cannot cheat on the diet. Be strict with yourself, and see the results!”

Proud of the success of Qi Train 21, programme director Ketan Ashar concluded: “The High Altitude Chamber is an amazing fat burner with no compromise on safety because the pressure within is not changed, only the oxygen is reduced, and this combination of mainstream science and exercise acts as a catalyst to a long-term weight loss fix. Those who have tried it, have sustained their weight loss after stepping out in the real world and are happily living moderated and altered lifestyles. It’s a 21-day kickstart, or a life-changing step, into healthy living.”
Qi Train 21, Qi Lifecare, 1st Floor, Eros Cinema Building, West Wing, Churchgate.
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