Jun 15, 2010

Hairstyles for Bridal

Hairstyles for Bridal Attendants

1. When you are chosen to be a bridesmaid, it is because the bride considers you an important part of her life and wants you by her side to represent her on one of the biggest days of her life. An important part of your job as a bridesmaid is to look your best, without overshadowing the bride. When choosing a wedding hairstyle, pick a style that will make you feel beautiful but won't overshadow the bride.
Side Bun
2. A side bun is a fun, creative style that is still formal but a little playful at the same time. The side bun can be worn in a variety of styles; more casually for less formal weddings, such as beach weddings or outdoor events. A side bun is also idea for neater and more formal for upscale events. For the side bun style, the hair is swept to the side of the face and pinned into a bun. The bun can consist of pin curls, or be twisted into a ballerina style bun. If the bride allows you to use hair accessories, add a flower or pretty barrette to the top of the bun, and you will look both classy and elegant.
Side Ponytail
3. A side ponytail is very similar to the side bun, but perhaps a little less formal than the previous style. Side ponytails are good because they can be both formal and informal. They are good for the trendy, less traditional type of bridesmaid who wants to do something a little different with her hair. The hair can be curled first, or worn in loose waves or completely straight. The ponytail is swept to the side and over one shoulder, and secured with a ponytail holder or bobby pin. A small strand of hair can be wrapped around the ponytail to cover the holder, or a pretty hair accessory can be used as well.
4. A traditional updo makes a pretty, formal bridesmaid style. The hair can be teased at your crown and piled in curls high on the head, or pulled into a neat bun, French twist or knot at the nape of your neck. Curled pieces of hair can be left loose for a messier look, or the hair can be combed back and secured tightly for a neat look. Create a drastic side part, and pin the front of the hair to the side, or comb all of you hair straight back and away from your face.
5. The half-updo is a good compromise between a full updo and wearing your hair completely down. Pull the sides of the hair back into a half ponytail, or pull the bangs and front of your hair back over the top of your head. Half-updos can be worn curly or straight, and hair accessories can be added to dress up the look.