Jun 1, 2010

Lifestyle Changes for Dry Skin Treatment

Lifestyle Changes for Dry Skin Treatment

* Drink enough water each day. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

* Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Better if they have more water content like cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon, orange. Have plenty of nuts, especially almonds and walnuts.

* Get enough sleep. Six to eight hours sleep at night help restore oxygen level of blood responsible for renewal of body cells essential for keeping the young looks of skin rejuvenated.

* Avoid hot showers. Hot water robs the skin of its natural oils that keep skin moist. In winters, make the bathing water only mildly warm if you can't have bath with cold water.

* Protect your facial and body skin from UV rays of sun. Always carry some cloth like scarves or umbrella to protect yourself from sun.
* Do not take stress. This is one of the causes of many skin problems including dry skin.

* Quit smoking and limit intake of alcohol. The harmful elements in them cause dry skin.

* Never go to bed with make up on. Wash all the applied cosmetics with clean water and if necessary with mild soap having moisturizer. Then apply some moisturizing cream. Natural, home made or herbal dry skin creams without chemicals are best for skin.