Jul 14, 2010

Make up in 10 mins

Make up in 10 mins

Luscious lips, smoky eyes and rosy cheeks… if you thought you had to do all this and much more to look gorgeous, you are wrong. You can be the cynosure of all eyes with minimal make-up that takes less than 10 minutes.

Surprised? You don't have to be. Here's how you can look prim and proper for every occasion, even when you are hard pressed for time.
An impromptu date
If it's one of those kinds of surprises when he lands up at your workplace one evening to whisk you off to somewhere for an unplanned date, tell him you'll be there in 10 at most.

There will be no time for any elaborate eye make up. So just cleanse your face and rub in some moisturiser. Line your eyes just on the upper lids and redo the lipstick.

Don't bother so much with the rouge. The excitement you're feeling will show through and that will be good enough! ;)
Interview perfect
A few minutes before going into the interview suite, lock yourself in the powder room for some last moment fixes.

Gently dab at any nervousness induced perspiration on your chin or forehead. Re-touch the lipstick and take a moment to relax.

If your hair is done up in a neat French knot, don't disturb it. If there're a few stray strands, push them behind your ear and tuck the lock gently back into the roll. Brush loose hair before you step out.
An unplanned evening
If your friends call and say they'd be picking you up for a party and that you need to be ready in the next few minutes, take out your makeup kit as you're getting dressed.

Smudge some kohl on the upper and lower lashes before powdering off any hints of dark circles. Touch your cheekbones with a subtle blush. Keep the lipstick for the end. Don't bother with a liner.

Give three minutes each to the eyes, cheeks and lips.
Rushing for a presentation
Spend time only on defining your eyes and lips well. Line the upper lashes. A subtle eye shadow should be just fine apart from light mascara if you'd like.

Line your lips and fill in lip color. Focus on the hair as well and brush is well if you're leaving it loose.
Off to work in a jiffy
Line the upper and lower lashes and then focus on getting the lipstick right. You might not want to fuss too much with eye shadow and blushers for work, unless you'll be meeting some important clients or it's your company's anniversary.

Give yourself just 10 minutes for a quick make up job and see heads turn!