Jul 31, 2011

Top Ten Foods for Glowing Skin Tips

Cottage Cheese

An antidote to dry skin, cottage cheese contains selenium and other essential minerals that are known to fight flaky skin and dandruff, helping your natural beauty shine through.


Sun damage is one of the major causes of dull, wrinkled skin. Mangoes, which are high Vitamin A, contain more than 80% of required vitamins known for restoring skin cells, says celebrity aesthetician Bella Schneider.

Green Tea

To reduce redness, swelling or irritation, Schneider says green tea is one of the body’s best allies in fighting off inflammation


Loaded with zinc, oysters help fight sagging skin by boosting its elasticity to give it a more youthful appearance

Sea Buckthorn Berries

Dr. Mehmet Oz has been singing the praises of this Himalayan fruit. Packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C and the rare fatty acid Omega-7, the berries nourish skin and hair and help stimulate collagen production.

Red Wine

Red wine can help transform a dull complexion to its original glow. With thousands of polyphenols, it helps prevent cell oxidation that ages the skin.


Containing lots of Vitamin B2, mushrooms can help dramatically repair damaged tissue, helping it look young and polished.

Coconut Oil

Similar to olive oil or avocados, virgin coconut oil is filled with good fats that help to restore skin’s moisture, says beauty expert Erika Katz. Once vilified as unhealthy, this cooking oil is making a comeback as scientists revise their former opinions, saying that in moderation it’s not a waistline killer.

Acerola Cherries

This fruit is Schneider’s favorite wrinkle fighter. Acerola cherries contain 100% of your daily Vitamin C quota and protect against oxidation, a major cause of wrinkles.

Sweet Potato

Dermatologist Audrey Kunin says sweet potatoes, which are rich in Vitamin A, speed cellular turnover and function like an internal anti-aging retinol.