Sep 20, 2011

Children's Nutritional Needs

A survey of 1,800 school-aged children to find out what they consumed in a typical day.

15% of the students did not eat any vegetables
40% ate only potatoes or tomato sauce (aka French Fries and ketchup)
20% of the students did not consume any fruit

Currently, children ages 6-12 eat an average of 2.5 fruits and vegetables a day, only half of the recommended servings. These poor eating habits have made today's children susceptible to heart disease and obesity and a prime target for improved nutrition and increased education. It is important to monitor your child's fruit and vegetable intake and find creative healthy ways to help increase fruits and veggies in children's diets.

Children need a variety of foods to grow strong and healthy. Their appetites decrease or increase as they go through growth spurts.