Jan 10, 2012

Tips for healthy feet:

Don't neglect your feet

You spend hours on end in front of the mirror admiring your beautiful face and thinking how to make it more beautiful. Every time there is a new beauty enhancing product in the market, you just can't wait to grab it.

But how much importance would you give to other parts of the body? Say, the feet? The feet area is perhaps the most neglected part of the human body. Even when we shop, foot care products definitely don't figure among the list! The result: painful and cracked heels! One shouldn't forget that feet too is a vital organ in the body considering it takes your entire body weight and gives you a balance to smoothly carry out any activity. Picture this: you are all decked up with a flawless beautiful face and wearing your best skirt/gown. But your heels are cracked! How does it look? It's best ensure you are clean and clear from head to toe!

Here are some tips for healthy feet:

- First and foremost, keep them clean. As much as you care for your body, do the same for your feet too. When having shower, spend a minute on scrubbing your feet with the soap so it's dirt-free and the bacteria doesn't accumulate

- Clean your feet every time you remove your shoes, dry the place and keep the area moisturized

- If your heels are cracked and dirty. Then do a home pedicure at least once in two weeks. Place your feet in warm water in which a few crystal salt has been added. Once the skin on your feet gets soft, rub the sole with a pumice stone. This will remove dirt and kill bacteria. Rub a scrub on your feet and rinse with water. Pat dry and apply Vaseline or a moisturizer.

- Should you have cracked heels more often then always choose footwear that covers your heels. Never expose your heels to dust. Also, wear socks at night after cleaning and moisturizing your feet.

- You could also rub insides of used lemon on your feet to remove discolouration

- Always keep your nails trimmed and dirt-free

- Always buy shoes that are a right fit. Tight shoes causes cramps and affect the feet.

- To keep the heel area soft, apply a combination of coconut, sesame and castor oil at night