Sep 5, 2012

Face Care for Natural Tips

Causes of Oily Skin:
- weather: hot weather and humidity
- birth control pills
- diet
- pregnancy
- hormone levels
- certain cosmetics
- certain medications

Never go to bed with your make-up on. Make-up that is left on overnight clogs the pores and prevents the skin cells from shedding, which may cause blemishes and/or blackheads. The skin needs to breathe over night.

Prepare Facial cleanser for oily skin at home:
Mix 2 table spoon baking soda, 1 tea spoon honey and one tea spoon mashed cucumber pulp add 1-2 tea spoon fresh orange juice for sensitive skin add 1-2 tea spoon plain yogurt for dry skin & for oily and acne prone skin add 1-2 tea spoon cider vinegar. Apply  and feel For beautiful with natural face .