May 4, 2013

Exercise Improves Our Health

Benefits of exercise

Exercise for Weight Loss and Maintenance
1. Exercise helps you to live longer by significantly reducing your risk of dying a premature death.

2. Exercise helps in controlling weight by reducing body fat and maintaining healthy body weight. According to a research in the UK, each year 9,000 people die prematurely due to obesity. Obesity considerably reduces the life of a person.

3. Exercise helps in combating diseases and health conditions. People who are physically active have a much lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer and heart disease.

4. Exercise helps reducing heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Regular exercising strengthens the heart muscle which improves blood pumping and heart rate.

5. Exercise reduces the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

6. Exercise helps in building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints. It also tones your muscles. Regular exercising stimulates bone growth and reduces risk of developing osteoporosis.

7. Exercise improves your mood and reduces anxiety and depression.

8. Exercise enhances your energy levels.

9. Exercise encourages better sleep pattern. It also improves sleep quality of patients suffering from insomnia.

10. Exercise helps elderly people become stronger and help in avoiding disability.

11.  Exercise also promotes your psychological well-being and improves mental health.

12. Exercise enhances work, regeneration and sports performance by increasing stamina or endurance.

13. Exercise strengthens muscles involved in respiration.

14. Exercise improves circulation by increasing blood flow in muscles.

15. Exercise increases the red blood cells that consecutively facilitate transportation of Oxygen and nutrients.

16. Exercise reduces suffering from migraines.

17. Women who don’t exercise regularly tend to have more problems and complications during and/or after pregnancy. Exercising regularly after menopause can decrease the risk of breast cancer.

18. Exercise improves sex life.

19. Exercise suppresses appetite hormones, making you eat less.

20. Exercise reduces the acuteness of asthma.

"If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented"