May 1, 2013

How you can wear those sexy backless dresses

Here’s strapless push up to let you go all-out sexy and fun

V-necks, stars flash some sections of skin on the red carpet more than others. Right now, it's the back side's time to shine.The last thing a girl wants is the back strap of a bra playing peek-a-boo or panic-inducing ‘perkiness’ issues. But, there’s an easy solution — stick-on bras that can act as one-stop solution to all these problems. Also known as adhesive bras, they eliminate the need for straps, absolve any visible seams and add shape and volume. While these bras are mostly advisable for small to medium cup sizes,

Bringing sexy back is just a matter of confidence. But, we often see our courage waning and we end up skipping that gorgeous dress with a plunging back or the lust-worthy sheer-back tunic. The common reason? Most of us are confused about the ideal choice of brassiers for that ultra-glam day out.

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