Dec 18, 2013

Why Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne Split

Bollywood's golden couple Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan have ended their marriage. Sources cite several reasons why a reconciliation does not seem possible, one of which is Sussanne's terminal boredom with her husband who, she felt, had become obsessed with his career and his undeniable good looks. The wife felt neglected. Rumours of an open marriage has been dodging the couple for some time with names of other equally beautiful people like Barbara Mori and Arjun Rampal adding to a sizzling narrative of a marriage unraveling.

The final nail comes in the form of a rather mundane familial trouble: saas-bahu friction. Friends of the couple close to the development told Mumbai Mirror that Sussanne wanted Hrithik to move out of the family home Palazzio in Juhu but the star was not keen to leave his parents and his divorced sister.

Not that Sussanne had to share a small flat with caviling in-laws. The couple had their own independent floor but the escalating tensions between the bahu and the in-laws would not be contained in that building, and culminated with a blazing row between Sussane and Pinky Mum-in-law Roshan some days ago leading to this denouncement.