Jan 21, 2014

Beauty Benefits Of Grape Juice

Grapes, they don’t just make the fine wines for you to have but, have some amazing health and beauty benefits too. They are good sources of Resveratrol which helps in curing Alzheimer’s disease. It also reduces cholesterol and uric acid thus proving to be good for your kidney and heart. Grapes are synonymous to wines, juices and jams. They have always been looked for in a seductive way. But, did you know that this seductive fruit is beneficial to your skin, to your body and in a great way to your mind too. The flavonoids present in grapes helps increase oral health.

It is rich in various nutrients like vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, potassium etc. which makes up for good health and skin. Did you know that these nutrients contribute towards a healthy life? If you consume grape juice, you can get rid of cold, cough, flue etc. in a better way. The anti bacterial and anti viral properties help cure all kinds of viral and bacterial infection that protrudes your body. It is good for migraine too. But, apart from the health benefits, there are grape juice beauty benefits too. It enhances your beauty in the best possible way.

As a Cleansing Mask
Apply grape mask to your face and give it a clean and radiant look. It is suitable for all types of skin: dry, normal and sensitive. Grape juice is known for the presence of antioxidants. This will clear your skin of impurities, increase the platelets and make your skin clean and fresh.

Protects against Sunburn
Grape juice is high in the flavonoids content. This helps protect against skin damage and also protects against high UV radiation. It cures sunburns too. Grape juice, when applied, acts as a natural skin guard against sunburn. If you have sun sensitive skin, you can cure it with grape juice. In short it's a natural protector against sun's harmful UV radiation.

Radiates your Skin 
When you consume grape juice, you actually clear your blood and improve blood circulation. In a way, grape juice that's high in its iron content purifies blood which is good for the skin. If you consume pure grape juice regularly in good amounts, your skin will radiate due to the purified blood that's running in your arteries. Also improved blood circulation keeps your skin healthy.

Works as Anti Ageing Element 
When you consume grape juice, it helps in exfoliation. In fact, if you apply grape juice recipes on your skin, the exfoliation process begins. This kills the dead cells present along your skin thus reducing the wrinkles and naturally lifting your skin. With improved blood circulation, the elasticity of your skin goes better. While hydrating your skin, grape juice moisturizes your skin naturally.

Moisturizes the Skin 
Knowing the beauty benefits of grape juice is not enough, you should know how to use them in order to Benefit your skin and overall self with grapes. Apply a tablespoon of grape juice along your face and leave it on for 15 mins. Wash your face with warm water. Your skin will be moisturized.

Good for Eyes
 Are you suffering from dark circles which make you look ugly? Cut a seedless grape and apply it on your eyelids. You can even apply it around your eyes. This way you will improve the skin around the eyes and remove the dark circles too.

Softens Dry Skin
Mix one teaspoon of egg white with one teaspoon of grape juice and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes before washing your face. Your skin will no longer be dry.