Mar 7, 2014

Garlic Good For Reducing Cholesterol?

 Infamous for its distinctive odour and pungent taste, did you know that garlic is termed as the “stinking rose”? A close relative to onion, garlic is a central Asian plant which is mostly popular for its role as a common flavouring as we use garlic to add taste to different food items. However, not many of us know that use of garlic as a(n) herbal aid for health is even older than its use as a versatile flavouring agent! If we wind our clocks a little back in time, we would be amazed to find out that the use of garlic for both culinary and medicinal purposes dates at least as far back as when the Pyramids of Giza were built!

Garlic has been documented and used as a significant herbal medicine for treating various diseases ranging from deafness, leprosy, loss of apetitie, oedema(abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body) for thousands of years.  So what is it about garlic that makes it such an important health aid? Garlic contains a sulphur containing compound called Allicin which is known for its bacteria and fungi killing properties and to alleviate digestive disorders. However, through this article we would focus on role of garlic in treating cholesterol problems. Conflicting Theories While garlic is indeed an excellent herbal aid to treat various health conditions, its use for cholesterol reduction has been a subject of debate till today. So does garlic really help in cholesterol reduction? The answer would be both yes and no. Certain studies have shown that garlic can help lower bad cholesterol very modestly and in case of good cholesterol, it is not really helpful. Some studies have also shown that use of garlic for cholesterol reduction is dose dependent. i.e. the more garlic you administer, the more cholesterol will you reduce. In fact some researchers have also stated that garlic can reduce cholesterol but only on temporary basis. So it is important to know that use of garlic for cholesterol reduction has produced conflicting theories and hence, it is best not to ‘solely’ rely on use of garlic for lowering cholesterol.

However, there are certain ways in which you can find out if use of garlic for cholesterol reduction is beneficial for you or not. Let’s see what those ways are. Eat Garlic If we focus on use of garlic for cholesterol reduction, we can try garnering that benefit by adding garlic to our diet. In its raw form, garlic is more medicinally powerful than in its cooked form. So try taking it in its raw form. However, besides its raw natural bulb form, garlic is available in several forms such as tablets, capsules, powder, oil and extract. Discuss With Your Doctor Since studies on use of garlic for lowering cholesterol have been inconsistent, it is best that you discuss with your doctor to find out that how much garlic (or if at all) should be enough to reduce your cholesterol level. These are the two ways that show if use of garlic for cholesterol reduction can be helpful. However, it is important to understand that garlic administered in whatever form is just one way to keep your cholesterol levels reduced. So, instead of solely relying on garlic, you should maintain a healthy, balanced diet and perform appropriate exercises daily.