Mar 13, 2014

Kalki Koechlin's Monologue On "The Truths of Womanhood"

WATCH: Kalki Koechlin's spectacular monologue

At the 13th India Today Conclave on International Women's Day, Kalki Koechlin's heart-warming monologue on women got a raring response from the audience. Kalki's monologue that focussed on equality for women became so popular that its video was even trending on YouTube for days after the International Women's Day as well.

Kalki began her performance with a "little nursery rhyme" about "God made man" and went on to comment on the patriarchal society and what women have gone through over the centuries. Her one jibe that got a lot of laughs was "Remember Draupadi and her five husbands. That can't be fun. God knows, infact everybody knows that I have enough troubles with just one".

Kalki puts best use of her theatre skills on the stage at the event, but makes sure we sit up and take notice of what she is saying. With a very hard hitting and powerful performace, Kalki sends the message across about "The Truths of Womanhood" that women have been trying to address over the years.
An intense piece about the truths of womanhood kalki perfomance

Kalki Koechlin Short Biography
Kalki Koechlin is an Indian film actress of French descent who debuted in Anurag Kashyap's critically acclaimed Hindi film Dev.D. She played the character of Chandramukhi in the film, a modern take on ...
Born: January 10, 1984 (age 30), Tamil Nadu
Height: 1.73 m
Nationality: Indian
Spouse: Anurag Kashyap (m. 2011)
Parents: Joel Koechlin, Francoise Armandie

The Bollywood actor impresses the audience at the India Today Conclave with her solo performance, her spellbinding expressions and poetic dialogues.