Jun 16, 2014

Smartphone Is Harming Your Health

Here's how your smartphone is harming your health 

A new disease is prevalent in people these days. It’s the addiction to the smartphones. Do you know what your smartphones are doing to you? According to the doctors, extensive use of phones is resulting in neck pain, dryness of eyes, computer vision syndrome, anxiety, phobia and insomnia. According to a survey done by Heartcare Foundation, shocking results have come out. The survey said that active and passive radiation of mobile phones, computer, microwave oven and x-ray radiations in hospitals are becoming more dangerous day by day. According to the survey, 10% of office staff, 20% nurses, 60% media workers and 31% doctors are using smartphones. Doctors use the phone daily for 30 to 24 minutes.

On an average, a nurse charges the battery of the phone twice a day while media workers and doctors charge the battery thrice a day. 70% of the doctors keep their phones near them mostly. 28% feel uncomfortable if the phone is not around them. 33% of the people feel anxiety while using their phones in a meeting, airplane, class or church. 61% doctors put their phone beside the pillow while sleeping but 20-50% nurses, office staff and media workers put their phones beside them. 80% of the office staff, 80% nurses, 80% media workers and 41% doctors are on Facebook through their phone. On the other hand, 20% office staff, 30% nurses, 70% media workers and 25% doctors are on Twitter.

Phones disturb your sound sleep

On an average, office staff spends 20 minutes for browsing on phone while they are on bed before sleeping. While it is 30 minutes for nurses and 60 minutes for media workers. 26% of doctors are disturbed during sleep by phone alerts every night. It happens thrice a night with at least 7% of them. Only 40% doctors, 30% nurses and media workers stop the usage of their phones before 30 minutes before they sleep. Doctors and nurses use their phone during surgeries as well. 90% of nurses and 50% OT technicians use phones during surgeries. 10% doctors, 20% nurses and 50% technicians also check their SMSes during operations. However, no one admitted that they check Facebook or mails during operation.