Nov 1, 2014

Tips For Search On Job portal

Some Tips To Make Effective Search On Job Portals

Job portals are a great tool for searching jobs, given one knows how to effectively leverage the medium. With changing times the look, feel and options on these portals have undergone a sea change to suit the needs and requirements of Gen Y…

Job portals have time and again been ranked as the preferred medium for job search by candidates across experience levels and functions. Nearly 62 per cent of candidates in the 0-2 and 2-5 years category prefer using job portals for a job search, revealed a study by TimesJobs.com. Consequently, to meet the changing aspirations of this category of workforce, most job portals have re-invented themselves.

It is important than ever before to understand the medium thoroughly and use it for an effective search, to increase chances of getting the desired job.

Try These Tips

Posting resumes, having a good cover letter and searching for desired job/role are some of the basics. Here are some more suggestions when you look for jobs on the job portals:

* Complete all relevant information columns (mandatory and optional) on the job portals

* Review and check the job portal frequently as new jobs might get added to the listings

* Refresh the resume once every 10 days to increase chances of getting noticed by employers. Make small modifications so the resume gets reposted automatically. This is beneficial since most employers search resumes by date/day posted

* Ensure that your resume is visible to everyone

* Use search filters – basis experience, salary, function and location for quick and relevant job searches

* Many portals also allow you to search by skill type, which helps you post an application to the most suited role

* Take advantage of various features on the portal, including job agents, job alerts, resume services that will help strengthen your profile

* Good job portals also provide information on top hiring companies. A job seeker can identify companies and then search on their website for career opportunities