Mar 25, 2016

Turmeric May Help Healthy Lifestyle

Turmeric reduces inflammation and oxidation of the blood. It's regulate blood presure and blood clotting.

Turmeric may help fight drug-resistant tuberculosis

This potential new tuberculosis treatment would be less prone to the development of drug resistance.
The humble turmeric, an essential ingredient in Indian curries, may help fight drug-resistant tuberculosis, Turmeric is used to treat many health conditions and it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and perhaps even anticancer properties,

They found that by stimulating human immune cells called macrophages, a substance in Turmeric, curcumin, was able to successfully remove Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative bacterium of tuberculosis, from experimentally infected cells in culture.

Turmeric medicine and traditional uses
In India, turmeric has been used in an attempt to treat stomach and liver ailments, as well as topically to heal sores, based on its supposed antimicrobial property

Turmeric is considered auspicious and holy in India and has been used in various Hindu ceremonies for millennia. It remains popular in India for wedding and religious ceremonies.

Turmeric makes a poor fabric dye, as it is not very light fast, but is commonly used in Indian and Bangladeshi clothing, such as saris and Buddhist monks's robes.