Mar 28, 2008

Asian Beauty Tips...

The eyes are the most enchanting Asian feature and so special attention should be paid to them.

Remember this:
black mascara and black liquid eyeliner are your best friends. If you have a fair amount of lid, then you may escape the use of eyeliners and mascara, but to enhance your almond shaped eyes, you can't do without these essential tools.

* Skin tone is a big factor when choosing hues for foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. Lighter shades will create a "washed out" look, while intense hues will add dramatic effect and bring to life the eyes and cheekbones.

* Use foundation and powder with a yellow undertone. Although many Asian women believe they need to wear pink makeup shades to counteract their natural skin tones, this creates a very unnatural, outdated look. Using yellow-based products do not make Asian women look more yellow, but rather they produce a natural, flawless look that is modern and beautiful.

Eyeshadow: The most important factor in deciding what colour and how to apply eye shadow is to take into consideration the amount of fold you have above the eye lid. If you possess a fair amount of fold, then you can boldly apply dramatic colors such as black, deep purple, deep turquoise (really stunning) and navy blue for night time wear and utilize the technique of multilayering colors. Colors that are especially flattering for daytime wear are bronze and light colours applied close to the lashes while more intense colors are blended on top.

Asian Hair: Most hair-color products on the North American market just don't work well on Asian hair, which is the thickest of all hair types. More often than not, any amount of lightening turns out brassy; even black comes out looking unnatural much of the time because it's a difficult color to match. Your best bet is to go to an experienced colorist. If you decide to try it at home, remember that thick hair tends to absorb dyes fairly quickly, and very dark hair is especially resistant to bleaching, so always do a strand test to get the timing right.

How To Get Fabulous Feet:

It's time to take off the sneakers and socks and slip your feet into a sexy pair of sandals. Here's how to make sure that your feet look terrific.

1. Soak your feet for about ten minutes.
2. Pat feet dry.
3. Clip toenails straight across. Or, if you would rather, use an emery board (but wait until toenails are completely dry).
4. Using pumice stone, remove any rough areas.
5. Massage cuticle area with a little oil or moisturizer.
6. Gently push back cuticles.
7. Apply foot lotion and massage into each foot.
8. Remove any excess lotion.
9. If you wish to apply polish follow the procedure below.
10. Put a small amount of polish on your brush; paint one stroke down the center of your nail. Your brush should hold just enough color to accomplish this. Stroke the sides of the nail and you are done.
11. Wait until polish is set (dry to the touch) and then apply the top coat. Don't skip this step as it not only adds life to your pedicure, it will protect your nails as well.
12. Sanitize all of your equipment with alcohol and when they are dry, store them away until the next manicure or pedicure.

Which soap is best?

All soap contain alkali which break up the horny top layer of skin, allowing water to penetrate more (as well as to escape). Although normal skin renews this horny layer, repeated use of soap may weaken the repair process. This can cause extreme scaling and dryness known as chapping.
Perfume added to soap makes it much more appealing to use, but has no other virtue.... So then?

The safest soap to use is the simplest kind which has no added disinfectant, and no purfume.
While on the subject, remember that detergents, which are synthetic chemical compounds, will remove grease from the skin more effectively than soap. But their actions are too harsh for regular use and they easily cause chapping.

Glow Like A Rose:

For a rosy face...

These are homemade treatments that will put a rosy glow on your face :

1. Boil fresh rose petals and use this rose water instead of plain water for your skin treatments.
2. Prepare a rose facemask by grinding a handful of petals into a paste. Apply on clean skin and leave the application on for 15 to 25 minutes. Then wash with plain water (no soap). Your complexion will be smooth and glowing.