Jul 28, 2008

Drinking Orange Juice Daily May Cause Diabetes in Women

Daily intake of orange juice could lead to the onset of type two diabetes in women, a new study published in the journal Diabetes Care revealed.

While drinking orange juice is deemed healthy since it contains a high percentage of vitamin C, the absence of any fibre in it could raise the body blood sugar which increases the risk of contracting diabetes by more than 18 percent.

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School in United States studied the eating habits of more than 70,000 female nurses over a period of 18 years. The researchers found that drinking just one glass of orange juice increased the risk of diabetes by more than 18 percent while eating three servings of the whole fruit reduced the risk by 24 percent.

One of the reasons given for the increased risk of diabetes in women drinking orange juice is the absence of fibre and is hence absorbed very quickly by the stomach while eating the orange fruit contains fibre which slows down its absorption. Packaged orange juices also have a high amount of sugar in them which increases blood sugar in the body.

However the study also found eating oranges could reduce the risk of diabetes by 18%. This indicates the natural sugars added in the juice may be the culprit in increasing the risk of diabetes.