Aug 5, 2008


Does your curly haired friend now sport poker straight hair? Well don’t be too surprised, here what she could have done…

Rebonding, Thermal Hair Rebonding, Chemical Straightening, is nothing but different names given to the procedure of permanently straightening the hair. Which is nothing but the breaking down of natural bonds of the hair and reforming them to a smoother bond, resulting in straight hair. Here are a few tips to familiarise yourself with before you decide to go in for a complete transformation:

There are various hair straightening brands available in salons across the city. They vary in intensity. The poker straight effect may be achieved with a stronger product. If you believe your hair is your biggest fashion statement and cannot be changed as easily as a pair of shoes, and certain that you want to trade your curls with silky straight hair, then be doubly sure you are willing to maintain it.

Rebonding is a three to four hour-long procedure, depending on the length of your hair. It includes several hair washes, blow drying and ironing, application of the product, followed by more washes, drying, application of neutraliser, followed yet again with final rinses.

A little tip: Choose the salon by checking how much experience it has, the pricing and the time it takes to complete the procedure. Also, visit the salon and speak with the person who will be doing your hair. Cheapest is not always the best.

More importantly: Do not forget the after care. Using the right smoothening shampoos and conditioners will ensure your hair does not look frazzled. Continuous moisture (read: hair spas) treatments and use of hydrating shampoos and volumising conditioners make all the difference!