Sep 7, 2008

Latest Fashion Trends In Hair Colours

As with most trends, hair colour trends too differ from year to year. One season red may be the colour in fashion, whereas the next season being blonde may be in. Read on to know the latest in hair colour fashion.

The one thing that is absolutely certain this year is that hair colour should definitely not be boring. So, out with the staid browns or the unimaginative shades of black. Colours that are extremely hot this season are sexy reds, burgundy, and strawberry blonde. If these colours are not your style, go with copper brown which is also a favourite this season

There is no doubt that a great hair colour can enhance your looks and make you look hot. However, if your hair style is uninteresting and boring, then even a great colouring job will look flat and dreary. So, here's a look at some sexy hairstyles that are 'in' this season.

1. The Classic Bob:
An all time favourite, the classic bob is back this year with a bang. Take a cue from Katie Holmes or Bipasha Basu and break away from the long hair mould. Add lots of blonde or red highlights to your bob and you'll be amazed at the transformation. Be prepared to receive a horde of compliments!

2. Soft, Wavy Layers: Long wavy hairstyles also continue to dazzle. If you have long hair, you should try getting it styled in layers. Shorter layers in the front to frame your face and longer ones at the back to fall beautifully over your shoulders. This hair style made Deepika Padukone look eye-catchingly beautiful in her latest flick and will do the same for you too!

Women who have thin hair should not go in for the layered style. The layers will not look as effective due to the thin volume of your hair. A shorter bob will look a lot better and make your hair look more voluminous too.

Once you have your ideal hair style, don't forget the other must-have trend for fashionable hair, which is colour, colour, and more colour!

Latest Bridal Hairstyles

Want to look ravishing and drop-dead-sexy on your wedding day? Check out the latest in wedding hairstyles.

1. The traditional Updo: Indian brides generally opt for an 'updo' hairstyle as it compliments traditional Indian attire perfectly. This season too, updos are very fashionable. Choose the polished updo where your hair is swept up in a low bun with bangs pinned to the side of your head. Or, go in for a messy updo where your hair is pinned up in a loose knot, with soft ringlets framing your face.

2. Loose wavy locks: For bridal parties and other wedding functions, the loose wavy hairstyle is very in. Use a curling iron on your hair and then part it in the middle with wavy locks on either side. You can also accessorize this hair style with a floral or jewelled tiara. A very gorgeous look indeed.