Sep 2, 2008

Protection From Wrinkles With Vitamin C

Vitamin C Gives Cosmetic and Skin Benefits; Find Natural Sources For Best Protection From Wrinkles and Photodamage

While you’ve likely been focusing on getting all of your vitamins via your nutrition, the good news is vitamins are also beneficial to your skin through skin care products! One of the most popular vitamin additions to skin care products is Vitamin C. This anti aging vitamin has been studied and confirmed as being an extremely effective addition to skin care routines. When antioxidant Vitamin C is added to your skin, it helps your skin get rid of free radicals. Since free radicals can greatly damage your skin, the use of Vitamin C is vital to your skin health! In addition, Vitamin C can help your body rev up its production of collagen.

Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

On a beauty note, adding Vitamin C to your skin care routine can help you look great on many levels. The topical use of Vitamin C revitalizes your skin, allowing for improvement in the tone and texture! You will instantly look younger with smooth and silky skin on your face and body. It works to protect you against UVB rays and can help you combat sun damage, wrinkles and photodamage. These are some of the most common skin worries of women today.
Effective Topical Products with Vitamin C For Skin Care

Cosmetic gurus and their sources are taking note of the power behind Vitamin C and are adding it and its derivatives to many products on the market. Derivatives like ascorbyl palmitate and ascorbic acid are commonly used, because they are less irritating than Vitamin C itself. Those with sensitive skin can still reap the protection and natural benefits of Vitamin C, without any irritation.
Beneficial Vitamin C in Cosmetics

When you start your venture for Vitamin C induced skin care products, there are a few things to remember. First, remember there are many claims being made from various companies on their skin care products. To find the best products with Vitamin C, be sure to look at the color of the product. Those products with a yellow or brown tint should be avoided. Vitamin C often turns these colors when exposed to air and thus becomes ineffective in creating collagen and elastic.
Vitamin C Offers Cosmetic Benefits

Many women would rather sit through a chemical peel or a microdermabrasion session for skin care repair and conditioning. However, using a daily Vitamin C product can help you repair and prep your skin everyday. You can get products which include Vitamin C derivatives (L-ascorbic acid and others) for use at home. Therefore, you can continuously reap the benefits of Vitamin C, without heading to the spa.