Nov 27, 2008

Couple Massage Programmes

Husbands are turning masseurs to make married life more exciting
The home is where the heart is. For many a man, that heart is synonymous with his wife, which explains why he is going that extra mile to please her. Whether or not you believe it, some guys are actually practising massage to whip up a thrilling formula for a happy married life, and the trend is picking up slowly but steadily.

Nikhil Gupta, founder of a dedicated massage and spa academy, says, they handle a lot of enquiries from working men and women about massage courses. The academy usually runs full-time two week courses which does not suit working professionals often. “So, we have planned to introduce couple massage programmes that will be scheduled at a convenient time. Many couples have already registered for these courses. The personal satisfaction of having helped someone feel better is a reward in itself,” says he.

Maninder Kaur, a data analyst, freaks out at the idea of getting a massage from her husband. “That would be a dream come true. I see nothing better that can patch up differences between husband and wife.”

Massage is an excellent form of passive exercise and, at the same time, very stimulating and invigorating. But, treating massage as an ingredient to spice up married life is a relatively new phenomenon. Shweta Kekal, who runs a unisex salon, says, “It’s nice that men are going out of their way to please their wives. Some women do not enjoy massage because they are not comfortable baring their bodies before even female masseurs. With husbands turning masseurs, they will be able to make the most of it.”

Amit Ranjan Singh (name changed), working as a marketing executive with an automobile firm and an amateur massage therapist
, quips, “I am a natural masseur, and massage has been a part of foreplay all these years. If I can perfect the art, I think my wife will have a reason to love me all the more.”

With the women going gaga over the idea, what are you waiting for guys?