Nov 24, 2008

Fit over 40: Fitness Secrets of Hot Celebrities

Shedding weight and being roaring fit is not an easy task at any age, especially when you are 40!

Having said that, certain 40-over celebrities can put any 20-year-old to shame with their fitness levels, and not to mention their sexy bods.

Not only are they slim the healthy way, but they are fit despite all the physical changes their body is going through.

And what are these changes? Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach Amit Sharma says, "After the age of 30 a woman's body undergoes certain changes, she faces a change in her body structure, hot flushes, mood swings, growing hair in her upper lip and starts feeling less attractive."

And yet, these beauties still manage to look so hot.

We let you in on the fitness mantras of celebrities over 40 years of age who are fit as a fiddle. Also, you get tips from experts on what you can do at home.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Whatever she wore at the sets of the series of the hit sitcom 'Sex and the City' was a worldwide fashion rage.

She can carry off anything from a figure hugging outfit, a tube dress, skimpy attire to casuals with great aplomb all thanks to her well toned body. You only have to see the latest movie 'Sex and the City' to believe it.

Her fitness mantra

* Walks instead of taking a cab

* Eats small portions of food

* Eats a high protein low-carb diet

Expert Advice

* In case you do not have the time to exercise for 45 minutes a stretch due to your schedules, you can break it up into exercising 15 minutes thrice a day, advices Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach Amit Sharma. Studies prove that this is just as effective as a continuous 45-minute workout.

* While a high protein, low carb diet always works for weight loss, do not follow any diet fad blindly. Nutritionist Shweta Shahaney says, "Everybody has a different body type, what may work for a celebrity might not necessarily work for you. It is advisable to seek the guidance of a dietician."

* Another thing you have to remember according to her is that at the age of 40 your body is preparing to fight menopause, so it is essential that you have all of your nutrients and micro nutrients.


She rocked the 80s with her pop music. 20 years later she is still in the groove.

Check her out in her latest single, 4 minutes, with Justin Timberlake. Dancing with someone half her age, certainly deserves some accolades. And she is over 40!

Her fitness mantra

* To prevent bulking up of muscles, she changes her routine. She mixes up various types of cardio training along with various types of crunches and weight lifting with her dancing.

* Avoids diary food, processed food and spices.

Expert advice

* Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach Amit Sharma says that weight training is essential for woman at this age. They are the only form of exercise that can prevent and reduce the risk osteoporosis. Calcium can be stored in the body, only till a particular age. After that the bones start becoming brittle.

* Nutritionist Shweta Shahaney elaborates that at this age you should not shy away from taking calcium supplements. Your daily calcium intake might not be able to meet the requirement. You can consult a doctor or nutritionist for the right dosage.

Halle Berry

She makes the list at 35 in FHM's 100 sexiest women in the world list. Even after the birth of her child, she is not far away from the sculpted body she had when she emerged out of the water wearing a skimpy bikini in the Bond movie Die Another Day.

Her post pregnancy fitness mantra

* She works out for 60 minutes, five days a week. Her fitness program includes cardio, strength training that focus on the abdomen and leg. Her cardio activity is divided in to three parts - on the elliptical, kickboxing and stairs or hill climb.

* Includes lots of veggies in her diet along with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and a lot of water.

Expert advice

* Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach Amit Sharma says that you should include cardiovascular exercises in your daily routine as it improves the heart and lungs functioning and also gets more oxygen into the blood. This is especially important at this age. According to reports from AP, as we age, the pumping capacity of the heart decreases, causing an increase in the resting heart rate. The body's ability to process oxygen efficiently decreases by one to two per cent each year after the age of 40.

* And here's another fact of the matter! Veggies and fruits are most important in your diet. Nutritionist Shweta Shahaney says that no matter what age, veggies and fruits are a sure shot way to lose weight and keep fit. Also keeping in mind that your body is preparing for menopause, you need to have veggies and fruits which will provide you with a lot of nutrients.

Cindy Crawford

One of the original supermodels, her beauty and well toned body has made her grace the cover of many magazines, get major ad campaigns and roles in movies and TV. She has managed to remain fit all these years even after having two kids!

Her fitness mantra

* Follows the Zone diet which involves eating small portions at regular intervals, and having a ratio of 40 per cent carbohydrates, 30 per cent proteins and 30 percent fat.

* Has a fitness regime of 20 minutes of cardiovascular and 40 minutes of free weights. Also incorporates yoga in her daily routine.

Expert advice

* According to Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach Amit Sharma, as you age, your body loses twice the amount of muscle mass that it used to. This is one of the reasons for the decrease in the metabolic rate. Once again weight training comes to the rescue!

* A very simple and easy way to increase your metabolism is to have a cold glass of water, according to Amit. Try to have 500 ml to a liter of water once you get up in the morning. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day.

Brooke Shields

Being in front of the camera since infancy, the world has more or less watched her grow up. She has always remained fit and off late we have seen how her masculine appearance has toned down. What's her secret?

Her fitness mantra

* Whenever possible, she tries to do any physical activity for an hour everyday, it can be anything from spinning to hiking.

* She avoids weights for it can end up making her look bulky. She keeps her muscles toned with yoga.

Expert advice

So how can you manage to do all the forms of exercises without hurting your body? Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach Amit Sharma gives you a schedule:

* Weight training 3 to 4 times a week.

* Cardiovascular exercises two times a week for 45 minutes.

* Stretching exercises 10 to 15 minutes before your weight training and cardiovascular exercise.