Mar 19, 2014

Improve Your Skin Colour

Get rid of tanning by these simple tricks 

Are you losing your skin colour in spite of lathering on oodles of sunscreen lotion? No matter how much you cover your face, you end up with a shade darker skin at the end of the day. The sun’s wrath is hard to evade especially in this scalding weather. The UV rays of the sun increase the melanin content in the skin which makes the skin a tone darker.  These effects can be minimised with the use of simple home remedies.

-Get your fair skin back with these simple remedies to de-tan your skin.

 -Apply a paste of fresh milk cream and saffron on your face overnight. Wash it off in the morning.

-Applying some Aloe Vera gel on your face overnight will reduce the discolouration of your skin. Don’t apply Aloe Vera gel while going out in the sun as it will make your skin darker.

-Make a paste of papaya pulp and some honey and apply it on your face. It will help de-tan your skin.

-Apply a mixture of tomato juice and a little curd on your face. Wash it off after few minutes.

-A mixture of potato juice and lemon juice 1 tsp each, applied on your face will help remove the tan.